Popular - Temporada 1

Temporada 1

Estreno: 29 de septiembre de 1999

S01E01 29/09/1999

Popular, Round One


Sam McPherson and her friends, Harrison, Lily and Carmen are unpopular at Kennedy High. Unlike head cheerleader Brooke McQueen, her cheerleader friends Nicole and Marry Cherry, and her football team captain boyfriend, Josh Ford. On the first day of classes, Brooke is assigned to be Sam's lab partner in biology, unpopular Carmen tries out for the cheerleading squad and popular Josh decides to be on the school play. Meanwhile, Sam a cover story about popularity for the school newspaper.

S01E02 30/09/1999

Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems


Brooke feels guilty about shutting Carmen out of the cheerleading squad. She and Nicole face the repercussions of their decision when they are judged by the entire school. Sam, who is still working on her reportage about popularity for the school newspaper, gets invited to Brooke's party.

S01E03 07/10/1999

Under Siege


Josh is pressured to quit the play, so Mr. Vincent gets back at coach Peritti by giving Sam the sports budget. The scandal is set and the Glamazons are the first ones to be axed. Brooke tries to convince Josh on quitting the play and they have another fight. Nicole tells Principal Hall that Sam and Mr. Grant are having an affair, and he can't prove wrong. Lily refuses to dissect a frog and Ms. Glass makes her walk around carrying the dead frog. The McQueen-McPherson family dinner is a disaster and Brooke slaps Sam. But they realize that their parents are really in love.

S01E04 14/10/1999



In the play rehearsal, Sam has to sit in Josh's lap, and he has an erection. Sam tells Carmen about it and she accidentally sends emails to the whole school about it. Rumors spread through the entire school, and the big secret comes out: Brooke and Josh are still virgins! Meanwhile, Lily has to face her new job at a fast food chicken shack. Josh seeks for advice in Sam, and a drunk Brooke asks Harrison for help.

S01E05 21/10/1999

Slumber Party Massacre


Carmen throws a slumber party for her sweet 16. The popular girls get it, just so Nicole can hit on Carmen's hot older brother, and Brooke can finally do it with Josh. Harrison tries to stop it, but he messes everything up and they end up together. Nicole realizes that Leo is more interested in Sam, and punishes Carmen by hypnotizing her into a chicken. Sam walks in her mother and Brooke's father doing it. Carmen humiliates herself in front of everybody, but ends up ditching the popular girls and hanging out just with her real friends.

S01E06 04/11/1999

Truth or Consequences


Nicole and Mary Cherry steal the bio midterm. The popular kids ace the test, and the unpopular ones get in big trouble when their grades are not so good. Sam overhears Nicole and Brooke's talking in the bathroom. In an operation to prove that the popular gang cheated, Harrison becomes friend with Josh and Sugar. But he gets a little carried away and walks out on the middle of the operation. Sam publishes the story. It all ends up in a big food fight, headed by Brooke and Sam. To make things better for the girls, their parents decide to move in together. Sam and Brooke have to share a bathroom. That can't end well...

S01E07 11/11/1999

Queen B.


It's homecoming time. Being the homecoming queen means being the most popular girl in school. The war is set. Nicole is out, because she cheated on the bio test, but she's still the Homecoming Court Chairman. She makes plans so only the cheerleaders and Carmen compete. Mary Cherry and Poppy are pressured to support Brooke. Mary Cherry's mom, the beauty pageant winner Cherry Cherry leads her daughter's campaign. A hideous picture of Brooke in the morning is hanging all over the school. Brooke says Sam did it, because she was the only one that could have that picture. But Sam didn't do it, Mary Cherry did. Brooke still gets elected the Homecoming Queen, proving her popularity.

S01E08 18/11/1999

Tonight's the Night


A new hot song shakes things up in Kennedy High. Carmen and Sugar Daddy meet on the Internet, but they both lie about their looks, so they both get disappointed. Harrison and Lily try to have sex, because they think it should be with someone you really know, a close friend. But it never happens. Brooke and Sam bet about boyfriends: Brooke has to prove her love for Josh, and Sam has to get a boyfriend in a week. Sam convinces Carmen's hot brother Leo to pretend to be her boyfriend, and Brooke and Josh finally hook up for real.

S01E09 02/12/1999

Wild Wild Mess


The "Guest Principal" election turns the school upside down. The popular girls want Gwyneth Paltrow for it, and so they kidnap her personal shopper and torture him. The unpopular gang want George Stephanopoulos, so they look for Harrison's mom, who had an affair with him a long time ago. Sam and Brooke join forces when Brooke might be pregnant. Harrison's mom turns out to be a lesbian, and the girls think it's cool while Harrison wants her in the closet. Sam tells Josh about Brooke's situation, so he can support her, whether she wants it or not. At the end, Brooke is not pregnant and Harrison and his mom agree that he needs more time to deal with her situation.

S01E10 09/12/1999

Fall on Your Knees


It's Christmas time and everybody is happy, but Nicole. She is the Devil impersonated. All the cheerleaders accept her vote for Carmen to get in the squad after she sprains her ankle taking private dancing lessons. Bio Glass gives fruitcake and cancels the exam for everyone, but still Nic gets her fired of her new job. The ghost of Marley Jacob haunts her, along with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. From a little pure child through Devil, we learn all about Nicole, and how she changed with the death of her anorexic friend, the death of her grandmother, and other facts. Sam and Brooke get along by throwing together a Christmas party for all their friends and family. Finally, Nicole falls on her knees and gives everyone a gift. Carmen is accepted in the cheerleading squad and the Nurse Glass gets her pussycat.

S01E11 13/01/2000

Ex, Lies and Videotape


The producer of Entertainment Today lands at Kennedy High and asks Sam and Brooke if they want to produce a segment. They both agree on doing a story about Josh. He agrees in hope to get closer to Brooke. April becomes obsessed with Carmen as a cheerleader and starts to worship her as a Goddess, and she even buys Carmen's panties from Nicole. The cheerleader squad wants Carmen to dump her unpopular friends, and she accidentally drives over April in the DMV parking lot. Back to Josh's story, his father walks out in the middle of his play, and they have a discussion. Josh's mom takes his side, risking her marriage. At the end, both Brooke and Sam agree on erasing the story so things don't get worse for Josh.

S01E12 20/01/2000

The Trial of Emory Dick


Emory Dick flunks on Biology and decides to sue the school. Once again, we see Brooke versus Sam. Sam and Lily defending Emory and Brooke is defending the school. The accusations: the popular kids get good grades for their looks, while the unpopular ones are by themselves. Sugar Daddy won't be able to be in the wrestling team because he's too fat. Carmen gets in the middle of the Brooke-Sam fight and she decides to drop out of the cheerleading team. Emory drops the charges and the case ends with no winner.

S01E13 27/01/2000

Hope in a Jar


Kennedy High goes crazy with the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Everybody gets obsessed with their looks and they run against the clock to get in shape. Josh gets in SD's sweating system to lose a few pounds and get Brooke back. Sam asks Harrison to the dance, but he chooses Brooke when she asks him, and so Sam goes with Josh for retaliation. Harrison works out too much and has a muscle breakdown and can't move. The cheerleading squad starves to lose weight and agree to make April Tuna less weird. Lily takes Emory Dick. Sam wears an inflatable bra. Carmen goes by herself and asks Josh at the dance, but he is dehydrated. And the final lesson is given by Principal Hall, who has only found true love after she lost her sight.

S01E14 03/02/2000



Sam and Brooke are getting along, and they plan to make peace with all the girls. In the new feminine studies class, Mr. Bennet asks the girls to write down their deepest secrets and throw it out after, but Nicole takes all of them. The girls all got their period together, and so the boys decide to lock them in the bathroom so they solve their issues without destroying the school. Nicole decides to play the truth game.

S01E15 10/02/2000

Booty Camp


Sam and Brooke are in charge of the school's help line. Lily wears a spicy top and the boys make comments on her. She asks the girls for help and Principal Hall sets a weekend camp to correct them. Freddy Gong calls the help line asking for help for his problem: Nicole. She is also sent to the camp, and gets the worst treatment of all, proving she is strong. At the camp, we are introduced to a new member of the Glass family: Rock Glass. One by one, all the girls are sent to the camp. Mary Cherry and Carmen were spying on the boys in the shower and Sam and Brooke get busted over a deal that Freddy makes with Nicole to screw them. Lily is busted trying to rescue Carmen during the night. Josh's parents' marriage falls apart, and his mother moves out. Brooke won't talk to Nicole, and she realizes she is alone, and decides to make new friends, starting with Freddy Gong.

S01E16 17/02/2000

All About Adam


A new mysterious student shows up at Kennedy High. He wants to be the first male cheerleader in school. So he makes friends with Brooke to get in the squad, but all the other girls don't like the idea. He convinces Brooke to try out for the new "Power Girl". Carmen secretly sends Sam's photo to the contest, and she wins. Adam makes plans to get in, by revealing everyone's hidden past. MC's dark past back in Texas, Poppy's addiction to Hanson, and Nic's diet as a fat girl. Plus, he tries to get rid of Brooke by incriminating her as a pot smoker, so she gets suspended from the Glamazons.

S01E17 24/02/2000

Lord of the Files


Calvin Krupps, the new vice-principal, arrives at Kennedy High, making all the women go crazy. Almost everybody signs in for his new tai-chi class. He turns out to be Vera Krupps, the lunch lady, nephew's. Brooke can't stop thinking about Josh, who's still going out with Carmen. Emory steals the students' progress report about H.J., who might be Harrison. He gets motivated by the idea of being a musician and schedules his first show for the night. Brooke tries to make Carmen miserable making up a story about a removed tattoo she made for Josh. The cheerleaders' fight over who gets to date Calvin.

S01E18 20/04/2000



The shop teacher, Mr. Don, announces that he'll become a woman and change his name to Ms. Debbie. Robin John is depressed because her girlfriend left her and she lost her job at Rite-Worth because she's a lesbian. Harrison is the first student to support Ms. Debbie and he organizes a sitting to save her job. Cherry Cherry is the new home economics teacher, and she gives each student 1 million dollars in Cherry Cherry Inc. shares. Brooke, Carmen, Lily and Sam join Harrison. Ms. Debbie refuses to be on TV to protect her family. Robin tries to make Harrison stop. Jane and Mike argue about Ms. Debbie and if she should be fired or not. Cherry Cherry buys Rite-Worth and hires Robin back to her job. Bobbi Glass is against Ms. Debbie, who asks if she is really against herself. The other students join Harrison, and in the PTA meeting they're all there to support her, but she still gets fired.

S01E19 27/04/2000

Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle


Lily was going to buy a lobster to save it from being eaten, but Caesar Croutons sells it to Mary Cherry because she is blonde. Sam gets a C in her natural selection paper while Brooke gets an A because she is blonde. And Carmen is tired of being unpopular. So they dye their hair and get blonde. The popular girls make a be bet with them, saying that even brown they would still own the school. And whoever loses the bet has to get Mohawks. They dye their hair, but nobody likes it. Barbra Streisand possesses Mary Cherry. The new-blondes are getting everything that the old-blondes had. So they decide to make a disco bowling challenge, with the lobster as the trophy. A new foreign exchange student arrives at Kennedy High, and she turns Josh down to go out with Sugar. She tells him that she's in love with him and he wins the competition. Mike proposes to Jane. Sam, Carm and Lily shave their heads. Sam and Brooke make a plan to stop and destroy their parents' engagement.

S01E20 04/05/2000

We Are Family


Jane and Mike's wedding is approaching. Sam and Brooke are making plans on how to stop them. Nicole gives Sam a wig in trade for a column in the paper. Nicole refuses to give Lily and Carm their wigs, and along with Mary Cherry they decide to torture them for that. Cherry Cherry hires Erik Estrada to play the cop that abused her, since he looks so much like him. Brooke and Sam's plan fails. Mike and Jane say that they want to adopt the girls.

S01E21 11/05/2000

What Makes Sammy Run


Sam is missing. She ran off to San Francisco to find Brooke's mother, who denies having a daughter. Her coldness gives her in and she admits to be Brooke's mom, and says it's too late to go back. The girls are worried that Sam might have been kidnapped and be in danger, so they try to go on with Jane's bridal shower acting like nothing happened. The boys try to go in Caesar Crouton's Breast 'n Thighs Chicken Buffet Strip Club.

S01E22 18/05/2000

Two Weddings and a Funeral


Nicole and Mary Cherry are tired of boring sweeps cliffhangers stunts on their favorite TV shows. During the episode, several Sweeps Stunts (SS) are presented. Sam decides to accept the wedding and make it perfect. It's Bio Glass's final class, and she A+ to Brooke and Ds for the rest of the class. They can't skip the last day because she sent their pictures to the police. Josh asks for advice on how to get Brooke back, when, oops, his towel falls (SS#1: Pretty Boy Nudie Shot). Trapped in school, the Vice Principal remembers what happened over the year: 2 girls who despised each other and became sisters; some parents bisexuality; emotions and romances, and what the future may hold for them: porn star (Josh); Hustler's centerfold (Nicole), or axe murderer (Mary Cherry). Also, he reminds them of praying for May Tuna, who is looking for a heart downer, because of a bacteria brought in by dirt eating. They start to sing how Bobbi Glass should pay for ruining the day (SS#2: Gratuitous Music

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