Rilakkuma and Kaoru - Temporada 1

Temporada 1

Estreno: 19 de abril de 2019

S01E01 19/04/2019

Cherry Blossom


Kaoru is dejected when her friends' busy lives prevent them from attending their annual Hanami. Rilakkuma can’t make pancakes without burning them.

S01E02 19/04/2019



A sense of panic takes over Kaoru when she receives a ransom note demanding a stack of pancakes in exchange for the safe return of Rilakkuma.

S01E03 19/04/2019

Rainy Season


Heavy rains bring an unlikely growth of mushrooms inside the home, and Kaoru's spirits are dampened when she's the subject of office gossip.

S01E04 19/04/2019



While Rilakkuma is able to wholeheartedly enjoy the food and games at the summer festival, Kaoru grows frustrated by her own perpetual indecisiveness.

S01E05 19/04/2019

Ghost Girl


During a sudden power outage, Kaoru and her friends are stopped dead in their tracks when a spirit from beyond the grave makes a surprise visit.

S01E06 19/04/2019



After a streak of bad luck in the last days of summer, Kaoru sees a psychic, who implies that her three roommates are the cause of her problems.

S01E07 19/04/2019

Slim Down


To help her lose weight -- and to catch a glimpse of the cute deliveryman -- Kaoru keeps ordering more and more costly exercise equipment online.

S01E08 19/04/2019

Getting a Job


Seeing Kaoru struggle with her finances, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori take it upon themselves to find part-time jobs -- with mixed results.

S01E09 19/04/2019



With a blanket of December snow covering the entire neighborhood, Rilakkuma offers his knit cap to a poor snowman who looks so cold.

S01E10 19/04/2019



The roommates bring the sounds of aloha into their home to brighten Kaoru's day when a colleague's engagement in Hawaii brings her down.

S01E11 19/04/2019

Sleepless Night


Thinking a streak of light in the night sky was a UFO, Korilakkuma tries to call it back by building a pyramid-shaped beacon out of junk.

S01E12 19/04/2019

The First Day


In this flashback episode, Kaoru reminisces about the time she wanted a pet cat, but met the delightful bears who would become her roommates instead.

S01E13 19/04/2019

Moving Out


As their apartment's demolition date draws near, Kaoru searches for a new place, and they all do their best to toss out the things they don't need.

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